Operculicarya again

Operculicarya decaryi after pruning and wiring, September 2020

After posting about my seed-grown Operculicarya decaryi last January, I finally got up the nerve to prune it fairly drastically. I then wired a branch hidden behind the tree and pulled it round so that it is now visible as the lowest branch on the right of the image above. I removed that wire in May, but last weekend, I wired the uppermost branch at the left of the image.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the results. Cutting back and slightly editing the crown has reduced the overall size of the tree, making the trunk appear older and more massive in comparison. Instead of simply forking, the tree now has some directionality, as the branches draw the eye up and over to one side.

I also messed around with my other tree that came from the same batch of seed. Although it is the same age as the tree above, it’s about half the size. I have decided to plant it on a slope and expose some of the roots. Eventually, the exposed roots should develop the same silvery bark and knobbly texture as the trunk.


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