Trilliums at Plant Delights Nursery (Six on Saturday #22, February 24, 2018)

This weekend is the first Plant Delights open house for 2018, so the whole family made the pilgrimage down to Raleigh to sign over our paycheck (and possibly first-born offspring) to Tony Avent.  After buying a few more plants than planned, we took a walk around the gardens.  The Agaves and other desert plants were looking a little the worse for wear after the cold snap in January, so the shade garden was where all the action was.  A variety of spring ephemerals were starting to bloom, but my attention was captured by the trilliums and their fantastic mottled foliage.  It being Saturday, here are six of them.

1.   Trillium x Freatum PDN #14


This plant was absolutely my favorite of all the trilliums in the garden.  I love the combination of  brownish mottling and yellow flower with darker orange overlay.  If someone (hint, hint, PDN staff) were to tissue culture this plant, I would buy the heck out of it.

Trillium x Freatum is Plant Delights’ own hybrid of Trillium “freemanii” x Trillium cuneatumT. “freemanii” seems to be an unpublished name for a Trillium population, possibly allied to T. cuneatum, in Hamilton County, Tennessee.

2. Trillium maculatum ‘Kanapaha Giant’


3.  Trillium stramineum


4.  Trillium decipiens


5.  Trillium reliquum


6.  Trillium “No Tag”


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8 thoughts on “Trilliums at Plant Delights Nursery (Six on Saturday #22, February 24, 2018)

  1. I don’t remember the trilliums (trillia?) of my youth looking anything like these gorgeous thangs. I love #s 3 & 4 the best, but they are all simply gorgeous. Now time to Google for sources here.

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  2. I sat through a talk yesterday of which about 20 minutes was devoted to Trilliums. Which was a bit problematic as I had one of those mental aberrations in which I confused “trillium” and “tricyrtis” and so asked the most stupid question of the day. Some years ago, when scratching my head about planting up the shade area, the choice here was abysmal. I would have dived at a selection like your six. But now the area is full and I don’t have much space left that counts even as partial shade. I don’t think planting a single Trillium would do it justice (although number 14 might hold its own) so I have to view from afar. Thanks for the damp patch on my shirt-chest.

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