First snake of 2018

worm snake 2018

This isn’t a very good photo, but it serves as a record of the first snake of 2018 in the garden.  As I was pruning the roses on January 28, I disturbed this eastern worm snake (Carphophis amoenus amoenus) in the leaf litter.  I was surprised to find it at the surface so early in the year, particularly when there had been a foot of snow on the ground just ten days earlier.

Judging by the frequency with which I uncover them while digging, worm snakes are probably the most common snake species in the garden.  More details here.


4 thoughts on “First snake of 2018

  1. It seems to be nearly impossible to take a clear picture of our lizards. Your tiny snakes must be even worse. Getting hold of one might help. Sometimes, in the summer, the lizards wander into the house and I do catch them and put them back outside. Maybe I could detain one in a jar long enough to get a photo or two.


    1. I find that our local lizards are easier to photograph early in the spring when the weather is colder and they’re more focused on basking, Later in the year, I usually can’t get near them.

      Snakes are generally easier to photograph, because they often freeze when disturbed. Exceptions include the worm snakes that burrow and racers that race away.


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