Six on Saturday #19, January 20, 2018: Monochrome edition

The meteorologists predicted that we would get one or two inches of snow this week.  Instead, the storm dumped  12” (30 cm), about three times the average annual snowfall for our part of North Carolina.

These are all color images, but the snow and pale sky seem to have completely desaturated the garden and woods.

1. Juniperus virginiana (eastern red cedar)


2. Edgeworthia chrysantha (paperbush)


3.  Bird bath

bird bath

4. Young Pinus taeda (loblolly pines)


5.  Poncirus trifoliata ‘Flying Dragon’ (contorted trifoliate orange)


6.  woodland trees

Ilex opaca (American holly) at center and far right. Also, Oxydendrum arboreum (sourwood) with typically sloping trunks are leaning against other trees.

Visit The Propagator’s latest post (and the comments therein) to see the more colorful Six on Saturday photos of other garden bloggers.

11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday #19, January 20, 2018: Monochrome edition

    1. Yes. It’s growing in the shade of some big oaks and not happy about it. That’s a common sight around here. The cedars are pioneers, but they deteriorate when other trees grow up around them. The best are in places where other trees don’t grow—rocky outcrops and the like—or in gardens. There are some magnificent old specimens growing beside Duke University Chapel.

      And of course, when they do die, the dead snag persists a long time. Very rot resistant.

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      1. I brought my first Easter red cedars back from my trip to Oklahoma five years ago. Okies do not think much of them of course. I really like them because I had never grown them before, but I probably would not like them if they were common.


    1. Probably my favorite plant in the whole garden.

      It’s planted where it receives rainwater run-off from the driveway (and perhaps some dissolved lime from the concrete) and has grown at about twice the rate of another planted at the edge of the lawn.


  1. I’m in love w/the flying dragon. What a wonderful looking bushy thing. Also a marvelous edgeworthia. It’s amazing how much the southern states are getting this winter. Good luck w/the snow days.


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