Motherly love

lynx spider 2a
Green lynx spider (Peucetia viridans).  I think.

This spider was keeping a very close eye (or six) on me as I moved around the lantana bush in which she had woven her nest.  I believe she is a green lynx spider (Peucetia viridans), although she has more extensive red markings on her cephalothorax than most individuals of that species illustrated on the web (Ha!  web).

Female green lynx spiders bravely defend their egg sacs and are capable of spraying venom at targets up to 20 cm away (Fink, L.S., 1984, Journal of Arachnology 12:373.  PDF).

In the upper left corner of the photo below, you can see the reddish abdomens of recently hatched spiderlings, so the mother’s work is almost done.

lynx spider 1

lynx spider 3

5 thoughts on “Motherly love

  1. You have so much handsome (or, in this case, I suppose, pretty) wildlife. I’m tempted to nip out into the garden with a tiny paintbrush and some plant-based dyes (just keeping the green credentials) to create a new species of spider. Except that a recent storm seems to have removed all the spiders. All I have is remnants of old webs stuck to windows and the remains of egg sacs ravaged by birds. Which is a pain as superstition dictates that if I clean the windows it will rain and I need some dry days to get things done out there!

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