At this time of year, the woods are full of hickory nuts, acorns, and pine cones. So what do the verminous tree rats eat?  My fifteen-year-old Christmas cactus.


11 thoughts on “Squirrels!

  1. How disappointing!
    Squirrels need more predators.
    Unfortunately, many laws don’t allow humans to fill that almost-vacant ecological niche.

    After a second look, I wonder if that could be deer damage (branches torn off instead of incised).
    They have a virtually empty predator niche also.

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    1. Somehow, I doubt your neighbors would vote “yes” on a motion to re-introduce wolves… It might help with the plant-predator problem, though. Are there so many squirrels the coyotes can’t catch more of them than they are at present? We have coyotes, but more squirrels than I can count. About to get a live-trap for the chipmunks that are making the yard hazardous to my ankles, and have had a hey-day making tunnels in all my flower beds AND pots!!

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      1. Do coyotes hunt squirrels? I’m not sure, but in any case, the culprits here would be safe inside our deer fence. The rat snakes probably get some, but they don’t eat often enought to make a dent. Need more hawks.


    1. I didn’t see a squirrel eating it, but circumstantial evidence is strong. The plant was inside the fence, so that rules out deer. It was up on a four-foot high bench, ruling out bunnies. About the only other possibility is a chipmunk, but I don’t think a chipmunk would do that much damage. I moved what was left up onto the railing of our raised deck, and the culprit got up there and ate the rest of it down to the soil. I see squirrels up on the deck frequently, but chipmunks only rarely.

      The plant has summered outside for years with no problem, but my experience with squirrels is that every so often an individual will decide to try something new and damage a plant that has never been hurt before.


    2. Just moved to Florida! Could not believe that those squirrels ate my Christmas cactus! Several other flowers too ! They are nasty !


  2. Oh dear, wh’d have thought? Here the tree rats eat my walnuts, they have had every one from my huge tree. They have reached plague proportions and they have almost eliminated our beautiful red squirrels by spreading a virus which doesn’t seem to do their numbers any harm.


  3. Squirrels are better behaved here. They have their own feeder (bird proof) and leave the bird feeders (squirrel proof) alone. They don’t dig up bulbs nor eat plants though they do rap a rhythm on the patio door if I forget to top up their feeder. One friendly chap brings me blackberries as presents – deposits them outside the patio door and runs back to the nut feeder. I live a rather insane existence here!

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