Itsy bitsy teenie weenie baby snake

Storeria dekayi neonate

A little brown snake (Storeria dekayi) that I found crossing the lawn a few minutes ago and released under some cover before a bird noticed it.  Hopefully it will grow up to eat many slugs.

2 thoughts on “Itsy bitsy teenie weenie baby snake

  1. When my family moved to a wooded area in 1955, there were many ring-neck and brown snakes, king snakes . . and a few copperheads. My parents’ bedroom window was unscreened initially, and one day soon after we moved in my mother found a king snake lying on the sill of the open window. Having grown up on a farm with a large vegetable garden, her experience was that a dead snake was better than a live one. So she got a hoe and killed the poor king snake where it lay. When we asked her why she has used a hoe (and scarred the wooden window sill in the process), she replied that a hoe was the only thing she had ever killed a snake with. Go with what you know, I guess.


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